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What’s the Deal With Lidar? An interview with Cepton CEO Jun Pei

Episode Summary

Jun Pei, the CEO of Cepton, drops by to explain how Lidar is essential to bringing autonomous vehicles into day-to-day life. Salesforce isn't just for Sales. Find out more at

Episode Notes

Autonomous cars aren’t the future, they are the present. And as more and more companies invest in the world of autonomous transportation, a market for a very specific kind of tech has grown bigger as well. Jun Pei (LinkedIn) is the CEO of Cepton, which makes Lidar systems. Lidar is an essential piece of technology that measures distance at a rate that is accurate down tot he millimeter. So, if your autonomous car is driving along and an object flies in front of you, the Lidar system can not only detect it but also measure how far away it is and the rate at which you are moving toward each other. 

On this episode of IT Visionaries, Jun explains all of that and more, and he dives into how Lidar will become even more necessary in the near future.

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